The Expat Guide To Aussie Lingo

Living with an Aussie in London had me somewhat prepped for the new lingo I would encounter whilst living in Oz. I was already throwing ‘heaps’ into conversation and telling people “no worries” like I actually had none. But these first few weeks have taught me I still have Read more

The Best Apps For Selfies

It's been a case of me, my selfie and Sydney since I've arrived in the city. I've been sampling sweet treats, taking in sensational views and tweeting from Summer Bay using free data roaming thanks to Three mobile's Feel At Home. As I've been sightseeing on my own I've Read more

A Day In Summer Bay: The Home and Away Tour In Sydney

“You know we belong together. You and I forever and ever. I’m walking on air…” Over and over, in my head, all day long. That’s what happens when you take a soap opera tour, you sing the theme tune all day long. Sometimes out loud. Sometimes on camera. An obsession with Read more

The Room With THE View: Review of Shangri-La Hotel Sydney

Staying at the Shangri-La Sydney feels more like a cinematic experience than a night at a hotel. After taking the whizzy lift up to the 17th floor, I felt magnetically compelled to the window as soon as I opened the door to my Deluxe Grand Harbour View Room. I pretty Read more

Behind The Scenes Of Travel Blogging – Work Diary Video Week 5

This week's update comes from somewhere a little more glamourous than my dining table. Press play to find out more! Where I’m Working: From a luscious room on the 17th floor of the Shangri-La Sydney. Not only does this hotel come with exemplary service and drool-worthy views but it also has Read more

Sweet Treats In Sydney

Those of you who follow my Instagram account will know I have been filling my pie hole with some very good cake since we touched down in Sydney. There is a reason for that. Aside from bringing me unbridled joy, the cake-tasting has been all in the name of Read more

Road Trip Essentials – Share Yours And Win

What do you always pack for an open road trip? Tea bags? Duct tape? I’ve been perfecting my packing kit for a number of years and have narrowed my road trip essentials down to these 8. Read on to find out why these items always make the list PLUS how Read more

A Day In Japan - Layover in Tokyo Narita

From the moment I popped into Japan I wished I was staying longer. After a dazzling welcome from passport control we were gutted we only had 6 hours to play with. But it turns out you can fit a lot of temples, tempura and tea in just 6 hours Read more

A Cure For Winter Woes – Galley Bay Resort Antigua

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I don’t think I need to explain how hard it was to tear myself away from Palm Island (you’ve seen the post, you get it right?) It came as no surprise to learn that guests have wept on the Palm Island pier as the boat arrives to take them home. I didn’t go that far but I probably would have if I weren’t on my way to another Elite Island Resort.

Galley Bay Resort

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Palm Island Retreat

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There are no TVs or Wi-Fi in the rooms at Palm Island Resort; instead I listen to the rush and swirl of the waves and the breeze rustling the trees. In the downtime between swimming and smoothies I am not fiddling around online. For the first time, in a very long time, I read, reply and file my thoughts.

Palm Island Resort

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Journey to Palm Island

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Even I, who is just under 5ft 4 inches tall, has to duck to get on the plane. The door, rather cleverly, doubles as the staircase and flips down to meet the floor when the pilot is ready for us to board. There are no reserved seats on this aircraft, you pick whichever one you like, and you can put your bag on the seat next to you if there is no one who needs it. You don’t need to worry about a stewardess coming through the cabin to tell you to move it and put your phone away as there isn’t one, and the pilot seems too busy to care.


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#TravelBookChat Foodie Special 28th January

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When I launched #TravelBookChat on twitter last January it was because I couldn’t think of 2 greater things in life than travel and books and wanted to start a regular event that celebrated them. Several #TravelBookChats and a year later, it has been a pleasure to discover that many of you share these passions and have such good recommendations on how to ignite them.

For the first #TravelBookChat of 2014 we’re going to throw another of life’s great passions into the mix – this month’s theme is food!

travelbookchat food

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Antigua’s X Factor

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I immediately recognised the white wedding gazebo on a wooden jetty extending over aqua waters. A few months prior I had watched X Factor UK with even more anticipation than usual because I knew this time I would be going to the Judge’s Houses too, albeit a little while after the X Factor crew.

St James Club Antigua

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A Blogger’s Guide To Edinburgh’s Hogmanay

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For those of us who like to plan ahead you may already be thinking about where to see in the New Year at the end of 2014. Maybe some of the coverage from Edinburgh’s Hogmanay has made you consider Edinburgh for the next New Year celebrations – I certainly had the time of my life and am sure you will too. Below are a few of the insider tips I picked up whilst celebrating my first Hogmanay that you may like to bear in mind if/when you make it there.

Edinburgh's Hogmanay

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Elite Island Hopping In The Caribbean

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January makes me rather glum. But last year I discovered there was a cure – it’s called the Caribbean.

Some of you may remember that this time last year I took part in an envy-inducing project in Barbados. It was a unique blogging project involving a 4-part blogger team who travelled to The Club Barbados Resort and Spa in succession, a project that gained itself the name Barbados Blogathon.

I’m delighted that the organizers of that project, Elite Island Resorts, have invited me to take part in a sequel. This year’s relay will involve the same blogger teams taking turns to fly out to the Elite Island Resorts in the Caribbean, but this year we won’t just be seeing one island. For this year’s project is an island hop – an #EliteHop.


(Thanks to Travel With A Mate for this nifty image)

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Diary Of My First Time At Edinburgh’s Hogmanay

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New Year’s Eve began in the lazy way it should – with a lie in. Previous years have taught me that rising later increases the chances of being awake for celebrations into the early hours. So I got up around 10am and began writing down my thoughts on the night before – the Torchlight Procession that had opened Edinburgh’s Hogmanay celebrations had been a thrilling teaser for what would come today.

Calton Hill

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Edinburgh’s Hogmanay is Underway

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It turns out Edinburgh is my kind of city. Wandering around the multi-tiered, cobbled streets of the Old Town yesterday afternoon I found my idea of heaven – vintage fashion, second hand books and creamy cakes all in a row.

Edinburgh Hogmanay

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Review of 2013 for 40before30

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Sometimes I can be a little bit superstitious and I will admit I was worried about what 2013 had in store. By no means an unlucky year it was a bit of a bumpy one; 2013 turned out to be a mix of soaring highs and crushing lows. It was also a year of big personal change – I moved in with a boy, quit my job to go freelance and finally lost some of the excess pounds my travelling lifestyle had led to. (Detox to start again shortly, I swear!)

There was even more travel than I had seen in 2012 (where I racked up 13 countries) and another award thanks to the lovely people at Cosmopolitan Magazine. There were moments of self-doubt and instances of intense clarity, but most of all there was discovery. In 2013 I went to 15 countries, about 25 international cities and to 5 places I had no idea what to expect of.

2013collage(Left to right: Melbourne, Barbodos, Hoi An, Havana, Hong Kong, Nam Hai Hoi An, Sydney, NYC, Taiwan)

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Starting 2014 With A Bang At Blogmanay

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First things first:

“Merry Christmas!!!”

I hope you all had a wonderful festive time enjoying treats with your loved ones. The day passed for me in a whirl of family, food and winning the annual Chrimbo game of Trivial Pursuit (yay!). Then suddenly we find ourselves in this limbo period between Christmas and New Year – trying to eek out the last few hours of Christmas spirit but already thinking ahead to what the new year will bring.

In the past I have had the pleasure of seeing in the new year from Sydney, Melbourne, Thailand and at home in London. If truth be told I am not normally a huge fan of New Year’s Eve (too many reflections and high expectations) but I have found that going away and doing something completely different seems to be the antidote.

Edinburgh's Hogmanay 2013 - The Loony Dook Tartan Girls II - credit Chris Watt(Edinburgh’s Hogmanay 2013 – The Loony Dook Tartan Girls by Chris Watt)

This year I am so excited to be celebrating New Year in a new way – a Scottish way – by attending Edinburgh’s Hogmanay!

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Discovering Maboneng, Remembering Mandela

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There was a hushed silence as our car cruised slowly past the house he was said to be recuperating in. There may have been walls, gates and a driveway between us but even being this close to Nelson Mandela initiated reverential silence. From our seats we sent him our well wishes but secretly knew in our hearts that at 95 years old he was not destined for this world much longer.

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