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Wondercool Copenhagen

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Street Art in Copenhagen

Clunk, clunk, hic. Hic, clunk, clunk. Undeniably the best way to see Copenhagen is by bike, but whether it was the most sensible way on a caviar and champagne safari was proving questionable. Hic! The accidentally-trendy, vintage-looking bike the hotel had lent me free of charge was in need of a little TLC, or at least some oil. In London a less than perfect bike would have worried me but it seemed that in Copenhagen this was the norm. This …

Review of 2012 for 40before30

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Travel Collage

Well 2012 turned out to be quite a busy year! If my maths can be trusted, in 2012 took me to 20 cities and 13 countries, of which 7 were completely new to me. These new places racked up my count to 33 countries visited and blogged in the last 3 years. I’m 28 now so am well set on my way to completing the 40 countries before I am 30 challenge.

First Impressions of Denmark

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O my goodness the Danes are cool. Fashion, design, their attitude to cycling – all intrinsically COOL. The aptly named Wondercool, Copenhagen’s winter festival, highlights so much that is cool about the city that the slightly chilly weather is irrelevant. Danish Fashion The Danes know how to dress. Most impressively they know how to dress for the weather. When freezing temperatures and chilling winds hit the UK we tend to react by wearing everything we own. The Danes, however, know …

A stylish spa & fine food: ingredients for the perfect Hen Weekend in Ystad, Sweden

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I hate cooking. I also hate Hen Weekends and yet the crux of this post is about how a cookery class and overnight stay at  Ystad på Saltsjöbad spa hotel would make the perfect Hen do*. I think I had better explain.. I was exploring the Skåne region of Sweden with the Swedish Tourist Board who were celebrating the launch of their new facebook app and we had arrived at the chic Ystad på Saltsjöbad on the southern coast of Sweden, only …

It’s Fika time!

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It’s well known I am a bit of a cake fiend; I come from a nation of tea drinkers, I have a very sweet tooth and never confine my tea and cake consumption just to the afternoon. The Swedish tradition of Fika, therefore, is right up my street! Fika is the Swedish equivalent of Afternoon or High Tea. More than just a ‘Diet Coke’ break, it is a ritual that is to be enjoyed with friends, away from work and …

Shopping is personal in Malmo City, Sweden

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Malmö City recently celebrated the birth of its 300,000 inhabitant, which means the ratio of chic boutiques to customers is firmly in the favour of the shopaholic. Malmö is situated in the Skåne region of southern Sweden, a mere 35 minute train ride from Copenhagen airport, Malmö is in fact closer to Copenhagen airport in Denmark than Copenhagen city centre itself. On a damp morning last Thursday I took the speedy Easyjet flight from London Gatwick to Copenhagen airport (1hr …

40 before 30

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Blogging 40 countries before turning 30 It was late 2009 and I was sitting in the Hard Rock Café in Kuala Lumpur (don’t judge me, I fancied a burger.) I had just turned 25 and was trying to work out how many countries I had been to by scribbling them down on a napkin. I wondered out loud if I could explore another 40 before my 30th birthday and that became the catchy (I hoped) title of my soon-to-be-launched travel blog. With …